Team Members

Aimee Thomas


Alan Braybrooke

Outdoor Learning, Geography, Leadership of Outdoor Learning & Educational Visits

Passionate about taking the classroom outdoors and bringing the outdoors into the classroom.
Finding connections for people with their environments and the wider world.
Experience of Outdoor Learning in residential and non-residential settings.
Lots of time delivering outdoor learning on school sites or wild spaces.
Part of Telford’s Outdoor Education Service.

Alexa Dunn

Complex Needs

Coming soon!

Alison Williams


I am an experienced Assistant Head and SENDCo with a passion for removing barriers to learning, ensuring all children can achieve their potential. I look forward to sharing my passion and supporting schools get the best out of all of their children and staff to ensure children with SEND are a priority and make the progress they’re capable of.

Amanda Hannington


Assistant Head, EYFS and Maths lead, NPQSL.

I am an experienced EYFS lead and can offer support in developing a spiral curriculum, developing an Early Years pedagogy, building and leading a coherent team, embedding and monitoring a curriculum and creating a rich and purposeful environment.

I have a passion for early child development. Using my ongoing research and knowledge I have written an Early Years curriculum and an Early Years maths curriculum which has led to sustainable rising outcomes for all children in my own school.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to support, inspire and empower colleagues in other settings.

Amanda Wiser

Complex Needs

Coming soon!

Cara Leck

Deputy Head Teacher and Maths Lead, with substantial experience across the primary age range.

My passion for teaching and learning has ensured the best possible outcomes for pupils, in raising the attainment and progress of all learners, through collaborative working and developing colleagues’ pedagogical knowledge.

I look forward to having the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with other schools.

Cath Aston

Complex Needs, ASD & SEND

I am an experienced SEN teacher with a wealth of SEND knowledge, especially in EYFS. My passion is to ensure that pupils, whatever their ability, can learn and make progress. I am able to support professional development, support team teaching, behaviour management and complex needs support including engagement and early communication strategies.

Claire Standish


Experienced PHSE Lead with a wealth of knowledge and experience in leading and driving the subject in a range of schools e.g. mixed-aged classes, British International School (overseas) and primary schools ranging from 1 to 5 form intake.
Current ECT Training Facilitator. Interest in developing other teachers: especially at teacher training and beyond.

Clemency Price


Coming Soon

Emily Russell

Early Years, Leading Change in EYFS

Assistant Head & EYFS Lead.   I am an experienced Early years Lead and have worked in and supported a variety of primary Schools with governor led Nurseries, maintained Nurseries and PVI Nursery attached. I have driven change in schools from preparing for the new framework 2021, developing a curriculum from 2 to 5, ensuring the Statutory Framework requirements are met and developing excellent early years pedagogy. I am passionate about early years, specialising in enabling environments and learning through play. I enjoy supporting schools to ensure their EYFS offer ensures the children thrive and achieve and supporting the staff to be enthused and passionate about what they do.

Emma Bradburn


My passion lies in supporting individuals with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) so that they can access the curriculum and their learning environment. Communication underpins everything that we do and is something that needs to be at the forefront of our agenda, when supporting all children – especially those with SEND.  I aim to ensure that the voice of every child is ‘heard’ through supporting schools in developing their own Inclusive Communication approaches and environment.

Furthermore, I can offer support for individuals who need tailored, holistic approaches and strategies to address their sensory needs and learning behaviours. Effective co-regulation can give children the safety, stability, and trust that they need to be able to access their education effectively. This will also help ensure that the child feels valued, included, happy and independent.  I believe that I can provide settings with the tools that they need to develop their graduated approach for all children with SEND but also their ability to create more individualised and bespoke packages of support for their children with more complex needs and SLCN.

Emma Shankland


I am currently a SENDCo in a large mainstream primary school, within an area of high deprivation, with a high proportion of SEND pupils.  I have many years of teaching pupils with high SEND needs and more recent experience of being a SENDCo within the same school.  I have led successful changes in our school since becoming SENDCo and would love to support other people in doing the same.  SEMH is currently one of our largest areas of need and I would like to support other schools with advice on how we manage SEMH within our school, whilst ensuring the children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.  I am more than happy to support with any areas of SEND or being a SENDCo as needed.

Emma Simkins


Assistant headteacher with experience in complex needs, EHCPs, Pastoral, well being and therapy support.

Hayley Williams

Complex Needs

I am a SEN teacher who specialises in complex needs and challenging behaviour. I am interested in supporting all pupils to develop life skills, have strategies to support their behaviour which in turn will support their learning, coming up with ways for pupils to access the curriculum which takes into account their levels and needs. I am all about thinking outside of the box and trying to find an approach that fits the pupil rather than the pupil fitting the approach. I am willing to support professional development, deliver team teaching, behaviour management, complex needs support and planning support.

Howard Auckland


Coming soon

James Tagg

Physical Education

Experienced PE Subject Leader with specialist Primary PE focussed B ed. I have helped to develop and write PE curriculums in many of the schools I have worked. I am passionate about helping all children to find a passion for life-long enjoyment for participating in physical activity, understanding the benefits it can have on their own wellbeing and health. Committed to collaborative working and developing teacher subject knowledge, pedagogy and confidence. Willing to support with professional development, Physical Education curriculum design, planning and assessment.

Jayne Jeffries

Complex Needs

Coming soon.

Jenny Thomas


Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for English including phonics across the primary age range, with a particular strength in KS2. Wider experience as a local authority writing moderator for KS2 and have also recently completed the NPQSL.

Jo Duncombe

Experienced Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for whole school curriculum and assessment. Have worked as whole school maths lead and, most recently, whole school English lead, including early reading. Wider experience includes: working as a Specialist Leader of Literacy (SLL) as part of the English Hub; working as a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) to provide support for Literacy; KS1 and KS2 local authority writing moderator. I have successfully completed the Mathematics Specialist teacher course, have also gained the NPQSL qualification and most recently, have completed a masters in ‘Educational Leadership’, with distinction.

Joanne Wyer

Complex Needs

Coming Soon

Joe Payne


Experienced KS2 teacher and Maths Curriculum Lead with school leadership experience. I’m passionate about the children having access to a well-sequenced, ambitious curriculum that develops their mathematical understanding, stimulates their curiosity and allows EVERYONE the chance to succeed. I have experience of planning and delivering professional development, offering advice and guidance across Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2, writing curriculum materials from Early Years to the end of Key Stage 2 and supporting practitioners in the classroom.

John Griffiths


Over 30 years Business Management experience, 5 of which as a School Business Manager. Expertise in Health & Safety, Finance, Personnel, Audit, Maintenance & Contract Management.

Kirstie Zaki

Assistant Headteacher and Literacy Lead, working alongside our Early Reading Leader.

Experienced UKS2 teacher, therefore knowledgeable in terms of end of KS2 assessments, but have experience teaching across both Key Stages.

Have previously worked as whole school Numeracy lead, in the same setting.

Currently working towards my NPQSL.

Looking forward to working with colleagues across the authority to improve outcomes for children!

Lily Wilson


Assistant Headteacher and English subject lead.

I am passionate in the leadership and management of Reading, Writing and GPS across the whole school and have experience in raising the attainment and progress of all learners in KS1 and KS2. I have successfully completed the English Specialist leader NPQML qualification and am currently studying my Masters degree in Senior leadership and business administration within Education.

Lindsay Goring


Coming Soon

Lisa Lloyd

Early Years

Currently I lead the EYFS team at my school. I am also the Early Reading Lead and have responsibility for the implementation of RWI across the school. Last year we took part in the Early Adopter so I feel ready to implement the new curriculum as changes have been made to the curriculum taught and learning environment. I have raised learning and attainment across the Early Years and am happy to share my knowledge with anybody who needs support. I can help with planning, behaviour, assessment, book scrutinises, learning walks, teaching and the indoor and outdoor environment. Visits to my setting are welcome as well. I have also just completed my NPQSL.

Liz Masi


Expertise in Complex Needs. A wealth of experience in supporting mainstream schools with inclusion and the way in which these students can access a balanced curriculum in line with their mainstream peers.

Liz Thorpe

Early Years

EYs co-ordinator and Year 1 phase leader, with responsibility for Early reading.
Happy to support with curriculum, environment, assessment, learning walks and book monitoring.

Lucinda Morgan


Experienced Year 6 teacher and History coordinator. I am able to assist with planning, teaching and assessment within History.

Lydia Cartwright


Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for the curriculum.
Experienced in leading on teaching and learning, planning and assessment across the primary age range with particular strength in KS2.
Able to offer support in delivering CPD, coaching and mentoring, team teaching and planning, and monitoring through lesson visits, work scrutiny and discussions with pupils.

Mandi Davies


Expertise in complex needs, severe learning difficulties and ASD awareness. Interested in delivering a sensory approach to the arts, bringing the arts to every child in class, differentiation.

A track record of oustanding teaching. A strong belief in bringing the arts to every classroom. Willing to host visits, support professional development, deliver team teaching, planning and assessment support.

Max Jones


Senior Leader and Maths Curriculum Leader.
Experienced KS2 teacher with a passion for developing leadership capacity in others.
Current ECT Mentor Facilitator and have recently completed work alongside Birmingham City University ITT department specialising in Primary Maths.
Completed NPQSL qualification which has supported my own leadership capabilities within schools.
Passionate to see all children having access to a well-structured, high-quality maths education to encourage their enjoyment and understanding of maths in everyday life.
Able to offer advice and support in coaching & mentoring, classroom delivery, strategic planning as well as subject monitoring.

Melissa Allcock

Phonics & Early Reading, Early Years

Hi Everyone, I’m Melissa Allcock I currently lead the EYFS team in my school and have overall responsibility for Phonics and Early Reading across the Primary Phase.
I am experienced in raising attainment and progress across EYFS and more recently focusing on the new EYFS curriculum and the changes which are needed to enhance practice, learning environment and track progress.
I am happy to support individuals or teams with teaching and learning, planning, classroom organisation, managing routines and behaviour, transition, assessment, book scrutiny and lesson observations. I am also happy for teachers to visit and observe or take part in my lessons.

Rebecca Macfarlane


Currently working as a Curriculum Lead. Experienced in all aspects of subject leadership. Experienced in coaching and mentoring from EYFS to Year 6, with particular expertise in KS2.

A wealth of experience and expertise with implementing SMSC/reflective learning across the curriculum.

Rebecca Wilson


Assistant Headteacher and SENCo with experience of the leadership and management of SEND and raising the attainment and progress of vulnerable learners from EYFS to Year 6 within mainstream school.

Sam Green

Curriculum Leadership

Middle leader and class teacher with responsibility for the overarching curriculum.

Experience in teaching and learning across KS1 and KS2 and leading curriculum development and implementation across the whole school including EYFS and mixed year groups.

Passionate about providing children with enriching and exciting opportunities to learn across all subject areas.

Can support with planning, implementing, teaching, assessing, monitoring and evaluating.

Samantha Williams


Assistant Head Teacher/English Co-ordinator.  Able to support with planning, assessment, marking and delivery of: Reading, Writing and GaPS.

Sarah Wust


Music specialism: piano, cello, voice and ukulele.  A wealth of experience leading and co-ordinating the music curriculum for specialist and non-specialist teachers, leading singing assembly and instrumental groups.

Sophi Vaughan


EYFS leader, Assistant headteacher, expertise in outdoor learning, environment enhancement, forest school, raising attainment and progress across Nursery and Reception.

Steve Firmstone Hill


Assistant Headteacher, science subject leader, experienced in developing the science curriculum across the school, including tracking and assessment. Other roles include ECT mentor, TA management and Educational Visits Coordinator.

A track record of outstanding teaching. Committed to collaborative working, with practical application for colleagues to be able to use in their own settings. Willing to support professional development, science curriculum design, planning and assessment.

Tom Hodgkison


Coming Soon

Tricia Wilkin


Over twenty five years of Business Management experience, eleven of which have been as a School Business Manager.

A wealth of expertise in leading teams, health and safety, finance, income generation, audit, strategic planning, problem solving and maintenance and contractor management.

Vanessa Savill


Experienced in supporting with teaching and learning, planning, classroom organisation, managing routines and behavior.

Can also support transition & tracking, assessment, booking scrutiny & lesson observations. I am happy for teachers to visit and observe or take part in lessons. I am passionate about early years. Positive, supportive & an encourager. Organised and able to support so that potential is reached. Approachable and have a sense of humour.

Yvonne Thorpe


Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo. Expertise in teaching and learning, planning and maths.