CCT – Pupil Voice

We asked all our young people how important the arts are to them

They told us: 

These activities are important because they are fun and students like to do them to relax.

They are important because I like doing them and it’s just fun to do that stuff.

It’s important because I like doing all of those things. My sister likes singing and dancing. I just really like it.

I love 3D art and animation, drawing pictures, colouring and making things

I love storyboard using car scenes, shooting it, watching it back, editing and improving. I add in storylines and capture through the video.

If I am bored I think of a challenge and I’ll use the arts, draw and paint and I am getting better at them.

I like to draw and build things and painting

Draw things from nature really helps me

The fun of being able to use your imagination

Singing and dancing, show your emotions especially ballet, without saying it.

It grows confidence. At the age of 8/9 I wasn’t confident and now as a result of being in front of audiences of a few hundred, I am very confident.

I love Musical theatre, being in groups with friends and singing lessons, I sang in front of one person first and then a performance in front of about 8 of my friends, it was a dance and singing show. I was nervous when I went on, but I just thought if I don’t know this right I will be so embarrassed. I was in Year 9 then.

I can feel quite nervous but in a group it wouldn’t just be my mistake.

Makes me feel free and relaxed

Makes me feel satisfied – because I can finish it

Feel proud

I love the life lessons

I like learning different skills

I can progress in it

We need the knowledge of the arts for when we are older

100% important, it makes me not bored

I love art, because it stops me from watching the television

I like drawing

Singing and dancing makes me happy

Makes me feel energetic

Normally I don’t move my body a lot but when I dance I do

It gives me things to do

You can express your feelings through dance

It’s fun and you can use it when you are bored, mindfulness, calming.

You can do what you want and be free


We asked all our young people if there is enough time spent on the arts

They told us:
We would like more time to spend doing the arts 

There could be a bit more time, maybe once or twice a week.

Music every two weeks, drama, dance, writing, art, the teacher makes a difference. In silence it doesn’t work, you need to talk and discuss what we are doing.

In lockdown, ZOOM call with an artist to focus on different paintings, Van Gogh, Monet, Japanese artist – this made art feel important

Art and music once a week. More would be good, only half a lesson for each.

Don’t do much dance.

More time because there is never enough time.

Wish there was more art

I want to do art every day

Art clubs would be great

More music please

More sports’ clubs

Wish we had more time on the arts and improving what we can do

We only partly complete pieces of art

Not as important as the other subjects because you need all of the other subjects to help you.

Finish what we start in art every time



We asked all our young people if the think arts are given as much importance as other subjects

They told us: 

I think the teachers think they are about the same as English, Maths and Science

Sometimes other things get a place and not the arts. Art can help you relax and forget about everything.

Timetabling suggests it’s not as important with less time spent on them

In primary it’s shared with the other subjects

Depends on the teacher and what they think as important and what their skills are

More likely you will need maths and English

Art takes too long

You have to have the qualifications for your job so you can’t use all your time at doing art

English and maths are more important because our teacher tells us that

They can be more important because they can calm you.

Yes, the teachers think the other subjects are important too



We asked all our young people what aspects of the arts they are most proud of at their school

They told us: 

Most proud of my writing and how good I am at it.

I’m proud of all the things that I do, acting I am doing well.

We listen to music, dance, sing, paint and draw at college

Drawing and painting

Around school there is evidence of some of the arts

Music is really good at my school. They are good at teaching it, encourage us to take it up. Outside of school has helped me in school.

Music is split between those who play an instrument in school and don’t. Classes in music are smaller.

Depends on the teacher Mrs ???? is an artist and so understands what it should look like and how to teach it.

Art shouldn’t be right and wrong, it is all about expression. They should be unique




Sketching still life

Designing Christmas cards


Young Voices – all schools meet together in a big arena and everyone sings the same song together. We go to Birmingham.

Could do it with local schools.

Perspective in art

We would look at a famous painting and not be able to appreciate the skill

Creating all different types of films

Display areas so you can enjoy each other’s work

Building dens and bug hotels, designing the garden and dinosaur land

Movie making creating scenes and making characters. My dream job is animation and cars


We asked our young people if they use the arts to relax and what they do

They told us: 

Yes every day, I listen to relaxing music / music therapy

I’m nervous when I’m acting out stuff

I feel quite hopeful

I sometimes draw, it’s fun and it’s relaxing

I like drawing I started to get a comic 6 weeks ago and I was inspired to write my own comics and I used my twin baby brothers as the characters of Bear and Bean

I just draw whatever is in my mind.

Drawing and Painting

Most of lockdown I have been drawing. The first month I didn’t do much and since then my drawing has improved. I drew game characters(only tutorials on how to draw stuff)

I feel relaxed.

I focus on the arts and then don’t worry about anything

You can let your mind wander and create new things

So many beautiful things in nature, especially trees to look at and draw.

When I am doing this I feel happy, relaxed, not worrying.

Sometimes the arts just makes me feel better

I have a whole folder of pictures that I created in lockdown. I’ll keep them as a memory. Some show my moods, sometimes my pictures are sad.

When I’m stressed, I will draw to get the stress on to the paper.

I do this after school when we can let our minds be free.

I had one book that I drew in. I just draw happy things.

I just drew whatever is in my mind.

Playing the piano

Painting and drawing

Dance – if I am happy I listen to a pop song or a sad song, with a slower rhythm

I listen to upbeat music or music with a slower rhythm

Without the arts, I wouldn’t have any confidence and I wouldn’t be able to express myself

I would listen to music, colour, sketch, do make-up. I have the James Charles artistry palette and brush set.

Practise the trombone

Dance weekly and practise at home

Cheerleading dance



Dancing/performing arts


Express myself properly

Less stressed because it takes my time and my thoughts

Enjoy it but sometimes can be noisy and heavy

Happy and excited

Feel different to who I am. I am more confident when I sing than when I speak


Art and lego modelling

Making time to calm down

Singing and dancing

Listening to music

Cinema and watching movies

Listening to relaxing music

Street Dance – move around quickly


I feel sluggish and at the end of the arts and I want to move more

Feel happy


Ballet and spinning makes me feel energetic


I do Mindfulness

Listening to and performing music

Creating music

Colouring and writing a story

APPS with sounds for the brushes

Virtual art is just as creative, it can be shared

Experiment with the arts

Art for art’s sake, no pressure


I feel tired

More freedom get rid of the stress. Happy, fun, free.

In the morning I am just okay, in the afternoon I feel calmer, confident


Other aspects that arose:

Discouraged from doing the arts by school staff as the focus is on good grades 

Once a grade is added to art it makes a difference and stops being unique as there are expectations that have to be met. Creativity is affected by grading trying to meet criteria. Pressures have an impact on creativity

Teacher uncomfortable to put marks on things, just want to celebrate the success

Not always appropriate to criticise the arts but to celebrate

Stifling of the arts at GCSE

Very different at A Level, where creativity can flourish

Parents play a role who are reluctant to support the arts. Parental aspirations often impact

The value of art is undermined by parents

Benefits of the arts:


To create something

Often overwhelmed but being able to immerse self in the arts is of great benefit to mental health

Can create and achieve through a sense of calm

Sense of achievement, leading to self-belief to tackle the challenges.

My parents want my life to be happy rather than be pressured due to wanting to earn money

Some peers are highly pressured by their parents

Background of poverty may lead to some not investing time in a subject that may not bring financial security.

All parents have a clear idea of what is going to be best for their child

All young people have to have a voice of what is right for them.

Fathers have a different agenda – refer to stable careers rather than more freethinking. Mothers tend to be more open-minded.

Students will often follow the career their parents have been involved in

Impact on mental health.

Going with what they enjoy rather than the career they are destined for-even though they are very unhappy.

We asked all our young people which clubs they’d like to have in school and their local community

Clubs related to art:


Landscape painting



Cake decorating


Chinese art


Clubs related to Dance, gymnastics and relaxation:







Clubs related to Music:

Learning an instrument



Clubs related to Theatre and Literature:


Musical theatre



Creative writing



Clubs related to Sculpture and architecture: