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Sarah Griffiths

Sarah is the Founder of ‘Enriching Young Minds.’  Sarah’s author enterprise teaches children through the power of storytelling, the importance of self-esteem, self-empowerment and emotional health and well-being. Delivering programs that speak to the individual child, giving them time for self-reflection, teaching practices and techniques that enrich their daily lives and take them on a powerful journey of self-discovery.

Sarah is the Author of 5 Amazon top 10 best sellers. Her stories are crafted specifically to engage children’s imaginations and teach them how to connect with their inner selves. Children learn self-empowerment tools, providing them with the keys to success and happiness throughout their lives.

Sarah supports the wider community, visiting hundreds of schools across the West Midlands and beyond to develop children’s love for stories, for reading and writing for pleasure.

Sarah collaborates with key partners, as the Creative Learning Director for EYFS Home Ltd. Sarah Supports young children with daily educational, fun and creative activities.

Who I am and What I do

Sarah is an author, a former teacher, and a mother. Sarah’s stories and programs equip children and young people with the skills they need to live happy and mentally healthy lives.

Sarah offers author visits for primary schools and her stories are suitable for 4-11 year olds. Sarah takes children on an adventure, bringing her stories to life and awakening children’s imaginations. Sarah talks about her exciting journey of how she became a children’s author. Sarah shares the process of writing her story ideas and how these ideas are developed, edited, illustrated and printed into a published book. Sarah finishes the session answering any questions the children would like to ask.

Alongside Sarah’s stories, she offers workshops and specific programs that teach children about well-being and emotional health.

How to get in touch

Facebook: SarahGriffithsAuthor

Twitter: SarahGriffithsA


Mobile: 07970 935241

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