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Author Visit – Book: Jack and the Genie

From Sarah Griffiths

Children’s Author and Experienced Teacher, Sarah Griffiths brings the enchanting tale of Jack and the Genie into the classroom.

This story is about a boy called Jack who carries his sketch book wherever he goes.  One day while reading his favourite story, a genie appears and Jack is magically transported into the future! Jack realises that he needs to follow his own instincts and desires.  This is a wonderful tale that teaches children to follow their own inner guidance, as this is the key to reaching their dreams and finding true happiness.

Sessions include: A book reading with special props to bring the story to life and awaken children’s imaginations. Sarah talks about becoming an author and the process of idea to published book.

Sarah gives an insight into how we can visualise our dream futures and how important it is to follow our own inner guidance for a happy and successful future!

Q & A and book signings.

Suitable for Nursery – Y6

One session = 45 minutes.

This workshop is provided by our Creative Partner: Sarah Griffiths

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Sarah Griffiths

Phone: 07970935241

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