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Building a Strong Sense of Self-Belief

Module subtitle: Understanding the 3 pillars that build a strong sense of self.

In this section, children will learn the following:

L1: Focus on self-awareness and self-knowledge, identifying the 7 Keys to Fulfilment in your life.

L2:  Focus on self-celebration, recording what is important in the 7 specific areas in your life.


Sarah introduces the children to Self-Esteem and what this means through a short video presentation. Sarah clearly demonstrates to children what it means to have high self-esteem. Sarah then talks through the 7 keys to fulfilment that support children to build their self-esteem. Children are given the opportunity to explore the 7 areas and what is important in their lives.

Children record their ideas about the 7 key areas: Health & Fitness, Relationships, School life, Personal Development, Connection with others, Prosperity, Fun, Play and Pursuing Passions. Children focus on what is important to them now and in their future.


Children can see themselves in a positive light.

Children build self-esteem and self-belief through self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-celebration.

Cost: £100 per class

Suitable for KS2

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