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We are always looking for creative ways to engage young people with the arts to enrich their life experiences and improve their wellbeing.

This area aims to help you to find the right workshop/activity/arts partner for you.

Our cultural partners offer many virtual and face to face opportunities for schools and groups to access

If there is something that you would like to see here and you cannot find it here, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a cultural partner who can meet your needs.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  ~Albert Einstein

The Museum of the Gorge holds a large number of tape-recorded interviews discussing the working lives of people employed at Ironbridge...

The truth about crime

How honest is our favoured genre?

Sophie’s Spectacles Creative Crafts

The session is for 1 hour and is the perfect follow up activity after an Author visit.

Creative Writing with Douglas’s Trousers

The session is for 1 hour and is the perfect follow up activity after an Author visit.

Story Writing with Sarah Griffiths

A creative story writing session, where each child plans their own story using effective descriptive language.

Emotional Intelligence: Empathy, Compassion and Forgiveness

Sarah leads a drama activity where children act out a scenario where a child is upset and angry.

Meditation & Visualisation

Sarah talks about how to visualise what we want in our lives using all our senses and focusing on our thoughts.


Sarah talks about how powerful daily affirmations can be in our lives and how positive self-talk can impact our self-belief, self-esteem, happiness, success and enjoyment of life.


Sarah leads a drama activity with the children called, ‘Greg’s Gratitude.’ Children gain insight into how it feels to others when we are not grateful and how powerful it can be when we say thank you t

Understanding the Mind

Children record the 4 important points to remember about the brain. Children write down positive statements that they can tell their brain to train it so they can focus their mind on what is important

Building a Strong Sense of Self-Belief

Sarah clearly demonstrates to children what it means to have high self-esteem.

Author Visit – Book: Douglas’s Trousers

Douglas discovers that standing up for what you believe in is very powerful. Add to that a little bit of magic and anything is possible!

Author Visit – Book: George and Maude

Find out about the special bond between George and Maude in this wonderful tale of friendship.

Author Visit – Sophie’s Spectacles

Sophie sees the amazing connection we have to one another and that we all have gifts that makes us shine!

Author Visit – Book: Jack and the Genie

Sarah gives an insight into how we can visualise our dream futures and how important it is to follow our own inner guidance for a happy and successful future!

Author Visit – Book: Bounce Back Jack

This story is an uplifting story about the Exeter Chiefs, premiership rugby player Jack Maunder’s early life.

Author Visit – Book: Finding Stones for Grandma

Sarah shares the practices of visualisation and meditation. Sarah talks about the benefits of these daily practices and the positive impact they have on children’s emotional health and well-being.

Author Visit – Book: When the Fireflies Came

This magical tale teaches children self-awareness, the power of focus and how to restore balance in an ever-changing world.

CPD – Storytelling Under Your Wing

2 self-contained series of 4 participatory CPD sessions (90 minutes over Zoom or twilight learning at your school) developing ideas for classroom sessions that will engage all your pupils, especially

Making and Using Storytelling Artefacts

Practical half-day face-to-face CPD (90 minutes over Zoom.) Try out techniques to pass on in classroom sessions that will engage all your pupils, improve oracy, develop team-working and confidence.

Careless Talk (KS2)

Explores how a young person could be groomed to take part in extremist action. Pupils find positive solutions for the characters in this workshop which promotes social responsibility and tolerance.

The Play House Summer School

Looking to support children's wellbeing and creative confidence over the summer? Enjoy a week of exciting storytelling, drama and creativity with our Play House practitioners at your school.

Project – Inspirational Mapmaking

As a mapmaker myself, I understand the problems associated with making maps, and the preconceptions about mapmaking but maps don’t have to be boring dusty old documents!

Project – Tunnel Books

Another bespoke workshop to help children explore cross curricular ideas about a project.

Project – Zines!

A bespoke workshop to enthuse children to design, draw and create text for their own eight page zine.

Mythstories website is full of free resources. It is tablet- and mobile-friendly and searchable with filters for age, activity time, and story location.

Songwriting with James Hickman

Our song writing workshops are delivered by James Hickman; Shropshire singer/songwriter. He tours the UK and Europe solo and also as part of ‘Hickman and Quinn’ & ‘James Hickman and Dan Cassidy’

The Quest for Pirate Treasure
The Quest for Pirate Treasure

Pirate Storytelling at it's most immersive! Find Jim Bones' Treasure chest in real life and strike a deal with a pirate!

Sing a Sea Shanty
Sing a Pirate Sea Shanty

Pirate Captain Jim Bones will tell you a tale of the sea and teach you sea shanties. Prepare for a lively experience with all hands on deck as you discover working songs and why shipmates had them.

Dance Like a Pirate
Pirate Dance

Easy to learn Traditional Ceilidh dances taught by Pirate Captain Jim Bones. Every dance comes with a story!