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Emotional Intelligence: Empathy, Compassion and Forgiveness

Module subtitle: Understanding how empathy, compassion and forgiveness reduces worry and anxiety.

In this section, children will learn the following:

L1: Learn how empathy, compassion and forgiveness builds stronger relationships.

L2: Accept the differences of others. Understanding we are not responsible for other peoples’ actions.

L3: Identify situations and understanding why it is important to forgive ourselves and others to move forward.


A video presentation is shared about empathy and how to put ourselves into another person’s world. Sarah shares how we can forgive others, realising that they are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have to survive in the world. We do not condone bad behaviour, but we realise that people are not doing it to us, it is about how they are feeling. This detaches from the upset and gives us the power of non-attachment when it happens again.

Sarah leads a drama activity where children act out a scenario where a child is upset and angry. Children talk about why this might have happened. What could be going on in this person’s world? Children talk about how to forgive others and why this is important.

Empathy and kindness go hand in hand. Empathy is the caring emotion. It means the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, in order to feel what they are feeling. Sarah shares pictures of babies, children and adults that are upset. The class are given the opportunity to discuss what might be going wrong. What could we do to help? Children record their ideas about ways to be kinder and more caring.


Children understand how to detach from blame, understanding that they are only responsible for their own actions.

Cost: £100 per class

Suitable for KS2

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