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Module subtitle: How daily gratitude focuses our positive emotions.

In this section, children will learn the following:

L1: Practice gratitude using the technique of visualisation.

L2: Take time for self-reflection, focusing on the good in my life.

L3: Record personal appreciation using a gratitude journal.


A video presentation is shown, reminding us of the incredible world that we live in and how we always have something to be thankful for.

Sarah introduces why it is important to be thankful and have daily gratitude. Sarah asks the children what they are thankful for by guiding them with key questions about what has happened in their life recently to be grateful. Children all contribute to a gratitude wall by recording one reason why they are thankful.

Sarah leads a drama activity with the children called, ‘Greg’s Gratitude.’ Children gain insight into how it feels to others when we are not grateful and how powerful it can be when we say thank you to others for helping us. Children reflect on the amazing world we live in and record in a gratitude journal all the things they are grateful for in their lives.


Children can self-regulate their emotions using the practice of gratitude.

Cost: £100 per class

Suitable for KS2

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