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Making and Using Storytelling Artefacts

From Mythstories

Early Years: Simple Story Shapes: ideas for quick and simple-to-make objects that young pupils can make on their own or in a group which they can use to reinforce, visualise and remember the ‘shape’ of the tale, work with pictures, sound and movement to encourage pupils to tell the tale their own way and experiment with the interactive and spontaneous elements of storytelling

Years 1 – 4: Stories in a Box: make a cardboard kamishibai and have a guided exploration of how it can be used as a storytelling aid, or a low-tech PowerPoint presentation, to develop literacy, oracy and presentation skills  discover a new and creative way to foster both performance and organisational skills via team, solo and partnership working, build mastery of spoken language and help to close the ‘word-gap’

Years 5-6: Kavad – One Story and Many Doors:: try out ideas for making different styles of cardboard or wooden kavad, with scope for differentiation, and explore how a kavad can be used as a large group or class activity ideal for communicating traditional epics, complex legends, life stories and histories.  With ideas for linking the kavad to STEM projects and art lessons.

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This workshop is provided by our Creative Partner: Mythstories

Everything starts with a story and as the story evolves education happens.

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