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Meditation & Visualisation

Module subtitle: Learning powerful techniques to feel calm, safe and to reduce anxiety and low mood.

In this section, children will learn the following:

L1: Understand the benefits of Meditation and Visualisation.

L2: Learn the technique of Meditation. Learn how to breathe, relax, calm the mind and take time for yourself.

L3: Record thoughts, visions and feelings to support self-regulation.


A video presentation is shared about the power of visualisation and meditation and how it can regulate our thoughts and emotions.

Sarah talks about how to visualise what we want in our lives using all our senses and focusing on our thoughts.

Sarah guides the class through a meditation session where a genie appears in the room and says, “I grant you the life of your dreams, all you need to do is describe what that life will look like in as much detail as possible, so I can grant the wish.”

Children record what they saw in their visualisation. Sarah shows children how to set specific goals, empowering children to believe in themselves and their future. With the right support and focus all things are possible.


Children can self-regulate, manage emotions, and have a positive focus for learning.

Cost: £100 per class

Suitable for KS2

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