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Pirate Dance

From Jim Bones – Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain Jim Bones, teaches traditional ceilidh dances in a piratical style!

Easy to learn, fun and energetic to dance. Learn real traditional dances from Jim’s Signature dance ‘Rowdy Pirates’ to ancient and nearly forgotten dances like ‘The Circassian Circle’ and the ‘Bridge of Athlone’. Every dance comes with a backstory.

Imbue boys and girls of the next generation with the love of our Isle’s heritage in traditional dance and have more fun than you’d care to admit as you swing around the floor with a Pirate!

Backing music streamed from the internet or supplied on CD for lessons.

Full live Pirate Band available for Fundraising Dances or Parties.

This workshop is provided by our Creative Partner: Jim Bones – Pirate Captain

Story telling, Dance, Shanties and adventure with the lovable Pirate Captain Jim Bones

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Jim Bones – Pirate Captain

Phone: 07530 895885 (represented by Doug Williams)

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