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Project – Inspirational Mapmaking

As a mapmaker myself, I understand the problems associated with making maps, and the preconceptions about mapmaking but maps don’t have to be boring dusty old documents!

Most map makers use other maps to help them, so we can talk about copyright and copyright proof devices such as imaginary towns.

I’ll make a very basic map of the school area and immediate environs to get them started. The children will fill this with curiosities. They’ll look back through time to see what the land was used for before, maybe 50 years ago, 150 years ago and depending on the area even further back, using deduction and imagination to complete the scene.

I’ll give a brief talk about maps and show them my maps and then we can split into classes if necessary, and I can go around the classes tweaking the outcomes.

We’ll learn about the different parts of a map, the title or legend box, the key, the scale and the neat line. We’ll work in groups to create and draw the compass, using a real compass and create a title box using drawings to frame it like old fashioned maps. We’ll look at map symbols and make lettering and a key of our own designed symbols.

The children will create their own maps of their personal school stories and also work in small groups to create pieces to go on the large communal map.

The children will learn about mapmaking, drawing and plotting and use their imagination to create all things map related!

This could be a project that I deliver over zoom with short films of making and demonstrations and then I could pick up the children’s work, choreograph at home and deliver!

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