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The Quest for Pirate Treasure

From Jim Bones – Pirate Captain

Story telling at it’s most immersive!

Imagine the excitement of discovering a map, then finding a locked chest of treasure!

Imagine then, that a pirate turns up looking for that treasure!

Jim Bones Pirate Story TellingLovable Pirate Captain Jim Bones is looking for 101 treasure chests that we’re stolen from him and hidden around the country. Delighting children across the county for nearly ten years, if you are lucky enough to find one of his treasure chests, in exchange for it’s safe return, Jim will tell one of his incredible pirate tales.

Will it be the story of the time he stole Blackbeard’s Treasure? The story of the Pirate King’s Dancers? The one about the Dishevelled Mermaid? Who knows!

More importantly will he show you what’s in the treasure chest? Will he share the treasure?

An unforgettable pirate experience and a whole world of inspiration for children.

Jim Bones Treasure

This workshop is provided by our Creative Partner: Jim Bones – Pirate Captain

Story telling, Dance, Shanties and adventure with the lovable Pirate Captain Jim Bones

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Jim Bones – Pirate Captain

Phone: 07530 895885 (represented by Doug Williams)

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