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Understanding the Mind

Module Subtitle: Overcoming negative thoughts and emotions.

In this section, children will learn the following:

L1: Understand the 4 ways that your mind works.

L2: Strategies and mental exercises to take back control of your thoughts.

L3: Plan daily activities using positive mental strategies.


First a video presentation is shown, explaining how powerful our minds are.  Sarah talks through with the children these 4 important points to remember about our brains. Our brains job is to keep us safe and alive. The brain is made to direct us towards things that are familiar.  The brain responds to the pictures we put in our heads.  The brain responds to the words we say to ourselves. Sarah demonstrates 2 activities that show how powerful our minds are. Children take part in 4 activities linked to the 4 important ways that the mind works.

Children record the 4 important points to remember about the brain. Children write down positive statements that they can tell their brain to train it so they can focus their mind on what is important to them.


Children can manage their thoughts and emotions.

Children are focused and more responsive to learning.

Cost: £100 per class

Suitable for KS2

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